Le yoga nu, vous adhérez ? 

On le sait, les cours de sport collectifs sont un bon moyen pour se rincer l’oeil avec des belles femmes en tenue de sport (longue vie au yoga pant) et surtout en pleine action. Et parmi ces cours d’activités physiques, vous avez certainement entendu parler du yoga, un super sport qui permet d’évacuer beaucoup de tension, d’améliorer sa tonicité et sa souplesse.

Par contre, si vous trouviez que le yoga est un sport un peu gnangnan, c’est que vous ne connaissez sûrement pas la tendance du yoga nu sur Instagram !


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Et oui, on vous parle bien du yoga nu ! Les femmes qui pratique ce sport sont entièrement dévêtues et réalisent des postures dans le plus simple appareil !


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This morning I laid down in savasana after my nude yoga practice and I was present, I was whole, I was in peace and full of love. But during the day I’m not all the time. I thought about how easily we get disconnected from ourself and our body, our nature and our spirit. We need, I need, some practice daily to connect to myself. To remind how beautiful the world is and I as part of it. ❤ For so many years and moments I wasn’t kind to myself… The change doesn’t happen in a moment. If you eat 20 years junk food, and one week healthy green food, you can’t expect that one week makes dissappear all the « damages » that bad habits have done during 20 years. It’s exactly the same with negative words… But if you don’t start now, when? ❤️ Nude yoga at home is a valuable daily practice towards self-acceptance and connecting to your deeper self. At least, it is for me. During my practice I love to think about what I’m grateful for, how my body feels, and what positive things I can say about myself. It’s very refreshing in a busy lifestyle to just focus on yourself in a positive way! But remember that taking small steps in the right direction is already the biggest step, we need compassion to change our habits and mind. ❤ Even only 10 minutes, meditation music and YOU. Movements or not, breathing. Give today a moment to yourself, you have earned it. ? ❤️❤️ Great yoga teacher by ❤️❤️ @lizcrosbyyoga ?? . . Stories by @nude_yogagirl ❤️

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Le but de ce mouvement, dit body positive, est surtout de renforcer l’amour de soi et de son corps à travers les réseaux sociaux. Et surtout principalement, l’idée qui est mise en avant c’est l’acceptation de soi.

Et puis, au delà du concept de l’amour de soi, faire du yoga à poil doit être quand même plutôt agréable, non ? Et puis, si le yoga est peut-être “un sport de fille” aux yeux de certaines personnes, sachez que les hommes aussi se sont mis au yoga nu !


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Handstand canes absolutely revolutionalize your handstanding and arm balancing practice. To be honest in some ways it was like relearning handstand again. When I received these custom works art from @mililyogacompany about a year and a half ago they joked about not to use them naked. I had my press down at this time but getting on the canes was a whole new world, so much so I needed a spot for the first few weeks. In the beginning indeed using them naked was very intimidating now I feel so comfortable on these I can practice in my birthday suit without a care. I try to use these babies everyday to really help solidify these planes of energy. After using these handstands on the ground are so comforting. So if your looking to take your handstands to the next level this just might be the way for you. Also that being said you are on the central coast and want to train with these let me know! (I wear clothes when I teach ?)

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